The Enhanced Interactive Voice Portal (eIVR) and included software bundle provides the capability for customers to access information through the use of a telephone and Web page, 24/7. e-IVR allows companies to easily and reapidly deploy applications which enable customers to serve themselves at any time, providing immediate satisfaction and enhanced overall customer experience.

eIVR Enhanced Interactive Voice Portal

Add eIVR to your customer self-service strategy and gain:

  • A fast, simple and cost-effective solution for managing all your self-service resources
  • The ability to change caller experiences in real time without restarting services
  • A powerful IVR tool-kit with an intuitive and easy to use graphic user interface
  • On-demand control of announcements, menus, forms and database resources
  • Total control of your caller's experiences and deliver useful self-service options as needed

eIVR software provides an intuitive administrative GUI for rapidly developing and deploying virtualy any type of in-bound or out-bound caller experience.

eIVR Bundle Includes:

  • IVR Development Platform
  • Auto Attendant Menu
  • Audio Bulletin Text
  • Delayed Announcements
  • Extension Manager
  • Dial By Name Directory
  • Data Locator Look-up
  • Survey Form Filler
  • Phone and Web Self Service
  • Prompt Recording Studio
  • Multi-Format Reporting

Implementing eIVR in your telephony infrastructure immediately enables you to design and deliver virtually and caller experience. eIVR empowers you to deliver the feature-rich experiences today's customers expect.

Account Inquiry, Shipping Status, Secured Payment, Account Activation, Store Finder, Product Catalog, Reward Redemption, Satisfaction Survey, Web Form Activated Out-Call, Intelligent Call Routing, Automated Speech Recognition and Much More are can be immediately deployed for your customers to use.

eIVR content is updated and delivered to your caller's On-Demand, without restarting services!

Efficiency and cost control are critical in competitive markets. Your customers are looking for convenience and self-service. You're looking for cost-effective ways of growing the "bottom-line" without growing your overhead. The e-IVR Expanded Application Portal suite provides the answer to both.

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