eONE is a fast, centralized, easy to use and cost-effective IVR platform and configuration tool that launches and manages all your self-service resources across PBXs and Cloud services. It has the ability to change caller experiences in real time without restarting services. It has a powerful IVR tool-kit with an intuitive and easy to use web based graphic user interface for on-demand control of announcements, menus, forms and database resources. eONE gives you total control of your caller's experiences and delivery of useful self-service options as needed from a central user interface.

eONE IVR Platform also includes an intuitive administrative tool for rapidly configuring and deploying virtually any type of in-bound or out-bound caller experience


  • Premise IVR
  • Private, High Availability IVR Cloud Replicating Premise IVR Services
  • Private Cloud IVR Providing Services To Premise PBX
  • Public Cloud IVR Replicating Premise IVR and Private Cloud IVR Services
  • Consumption and SaaS
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Multi-Format Reporting

Deploying eONE IVR in your telephone infrastructure immediately enables you to design and deliver virtually any call experience. Let eONE empower you to deliver the feature-rich experience your customers deserve and expect.

eONE IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Built for both on premise and or Cloud based, eONE is a platform that is comprised of three components, the Application Bundle, A configuration tool (that was formerly known as eCI) and the IVR platform, which is a Microsoft based platform and was formerly knows as eIVR... CI has taken what was three different products and created a shrink wrapped solution called eONE. What is unique about this solution is that the "parts" can still stand alone as they did when they were individual products. For instance, the Application bundle can still address the needs for Avaya's CM / SM and IP Office customers... Likewise, the configuration tool will fit in with the AVAYA Experience Portal and IP Office customers...As for the IVR component it addresses the needs of customers that require a Microsoft based platform and or IP Office customers. As a matter of fact, Computer Instruments has the largest IVR applications install base for IP Office in the world!


  • Cloud Managed services
  • Cloud Software management
  • Cloud Equipment management
  • Business continuity with double failover security between your premise and the cloud
  • Personal, financial and sensitive data secured on premise and not in the cloud
  • Ability to control the process
  • Ability to monitor caller experiences
  • Easily accessible Data and Reports
  • Make changes to caller experiences quickly and easily
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